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Our Ebay Services

We can also buy physical, non-digital items from Ebay as well as from other websites.
The item should be shipped to your address (or any other address you choose) using your own ebay account (you can easily create an ebay account in Lebanon and add your own address or any other address.)

Ebay purchases fees are the same as the Paypal purchases fees (please refer to the "Our fees" link in the menu.)


  • Please send us to contact@optimum-lb.com (or to 03 375 820 by Whatsapp) the Ebay username and password after adding your items to the cart, and after adding your address to your ebay account as well.
    After revewing your request, we'll answer back by confirming the possibility of the purchase and expected fees.

Our fees

- Our current fee schedule is 12% on any payment requested.
- We have a minimum fee of $3 USD.

How to pay

For the moment, we can only accept USD cash payments sent by OMT or WhishMoney.

Shipping information

- Make sure that the seller ships to Lebanon (you can find it in the shipping section, in general it says "Shipping: International").

- If you want to ship to outside Lebanon, you can skip this requirement.

- In order to make it easier for Libanpost to deliver your item, please make sure that your Lebanese address is clear. Information such add City, Street name, building name, Floor number should be added.

- For the Zip code, you can put 'NA'.

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to order a physical item and ship it to Lebanon, is this possible?

Yes, as long as the seller ships to Lebanon, most of the Paypal payments should work.

If the seller does not ship to Lebanon, but you already have a forwarding service abroad, or you have an address outside Lebanon to ship to, we can proceed with your payment.

I found an item on Ebay but the seller does not ship to Lebanon, can you help?

We don't offer mail forwarding solutions, however there are many avalaible online. If you're a frequent buyer, you can set up a mail box abroad and they will forward your mail to your Lebanese address.


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