Pay with credit card in Lebanon

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Our Credit card payment service

For websites that offer credit cards as a payment option, we can now make the purchase for you.

For the steps required for making a purchase using PayPal, please refer to the "Process" section in the upper menu).


Please send the following information to for review:

  • 1. Link of website from which you wish to purchase your item(s).
  • 2. If a username and password are required to login, please provide them so that we may login to review your purchase request.
  • 3. List all the required steps to complete the purchase.

Our fees

- Our current fee schedule is 12% on any payment requested.
- We have a minimum fee of $3 USD.

How to pay

For the moment, we can only accept USD cash payments sent by OMT or WhishMoney.

Examples of purchases

  • Any website that accepts Visa or Mastercard as a form of payment.

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