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Our PayPal Services

For websites that only offer PayPal as a payment option, we can now make the purchase for you.

For the steps required for making a purchase using PayPal, please refer to the "Process" section in the upper menu).


Please send the following information to (or to 03 375 820 by WhatsApp) for review:

  • 1. Link of website from which you wish to purchase your item(s).
  • 2. If a username and password are required to login, please provide them so that we may login to review your purchase request.
  • 3. List all the required steps to complete the purchase.

Our fees

- Our current fee schedule is 12% on any payment requested.
- We have a minimum fee of $3 USD.

How to pay

For the moment, we can only accept USD cash payments sent by OMT or WhishMoney.

Examples of purchases

  • Paypal payments to other members (pay directly to a PayPal email)
  • Paypal donations
  • Paypal invoices requested to your email.
  • Ebooks and tutorials
  • Site subscriptions and reservations
  • Game credits, Facebook likes ...

  • ...Or any other site that accepts PayPal as an option for payment

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Optimum Secure? How can I trust your site?

Optimum offers multiple online services, we have been in the maket since 2008, our long experience and integrity has led us to build a growing base of trusting and returning clients.

Can I have my own a PayPal Account in Lebanon?

Unfortunately due to legal and security reasons, we can't help in creating your own Paypal account; however, we are offering instead the unique opportunity to make purchases on your behalf using PayPal, we can also send money through Paypal on your behalf whether to your own account (if you already have one) or to someone else's account.

As PayPal users since 1999, we have the capability to make digital purchases at our client's request from nearly any website they choose.

I would like to order a physical item and ship it to Lebanon, is this possible?

Yes, as long as the seller ships to Lebanon, most of the Paypal payments should work.

If the seller does not ship to Lebanon, but you already have a forwarding service abroad, or you have an address outside Lebanon to ship to, we can proceed with your payment.

Can I use your services to withdraw money from Paypal to cash?

Unfortunately we can't do that. The only service we offer, is payment services, we can't accept payments on your behalf, neither help with Paypal withdrawls.

I would like to make a paypal payment to an email instead of a website, is that possible?

Yes, we can make payments to Paypal emails, we can also pay Paypal invoices.

I have my own Paypal account, can you help me fund the account so that I can make my own purchases?

Yes we can many clients use our services to fund their own Paypal account, and make their own purchases.


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