Amazon Gift Card Services in Lebanon

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Our Amazon Services

If you need to buy at, we are now selling Amazon gift cards.

The gift card is a code that we provide that will be credited your account with the respective value purchased after you add it to this page


Please send us the amount needed to to confirm the availbility of the value of the card.

Our fees

We don't take any fees for selling Amzon Gift cards; A card of $50 USD will cost $50 USD.

How to pay

Currently we accept the following methods
(please contact us for further details):

  • 1. Western Union
  • 2. Pay at the bank (at any Byblos bank branch)
  • 3. Pay by hand (Antelias)

Frequently Asked Questions

I found an item on Amazon but the seller does not ship to Lebanon, can you help?

We don't offer mail forwarding solutions, however there are many avalaible online. If you're a frequent buyer, you can set up a mail box abroad and they will forward your mail to your Lebanese address.


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